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Mystery Spots
« on: February 15, 2019, 06:55:27 AM »
There are a number of mysterious places in Shartak [or so I assume, having not set foot in it for years]. This is a list of several of them. The exact location will be yours to discover as you explore.

In the mountain, there is a hidden valley called the sacred space, and fruit trees and marshes and mud and a trader, possibly a shaman as well.

Santa's grotto is somewhere in the middle of the map, I can never remember where.

Shartak's roadways used to be quite extensive [there was a map and everything] and at one time there was a spot dead center of Shartak that was a crossroads for the four major roads of Shartak: the Memorial Freeway from Durham to York, the Raktam/Wiksik Road, the ostentatiously named Shartak Passage that joined the Freeway to the York-Derby Road, and the Durham Detour, which skated along Dalpok and joined the Shipwreck to the Freeway. Alas, the road was attacked by terrorists, and few remains of it today. Or so I assume.

Midway has a ruined tower that was the site of many Epic-level conflicts.

There is the Necromancer's Hut in Wiksik, home to many spirits.

The Ghost Ship lurks somewhere around. There may or may not be a second ship, or even a third, but I don't know, they may have sank.

There is the remains of a settlement near Durham that seems to have been the flashpoint for an attempted colony of Final Fantasy refugees.

And then there are the skullpost monuments, made by the ancestors of the four native villages:

The Dalpok Diamond is north of Dalpok, partly on the beach, partly covered by forests. It is too large to see the complete shape in one screen. It is a diamond shaped series of skullposts that seem to describe the myths surrounding both the camp and roaming shamans. There is a spot in the middle that marks it for ceremonial purposes.

The Skull Throne is on Skull Island, north of Rakmogak. It is a spiral-like square of skullposts that describes the myths surrounding a fabled object called the Skull Throne, which granted power from a demonic being called the Toad God to a series of legendary cannibal kings that ruled Shartak in prehistory.

At one point, there was a pirates graveyard near Derby, on the beach due south of Skull Island. It is believed that a great battle must have taken place there between the pirates and cannibals, or possibly the pirates and Derby. Much of the site was ransacked by treasure hunters who believed the graves contained treasure. Only a few grave markers remain.

There is a ghost fence surrounding the ruins south of the shipwreck. It is a square enclosed by another square, and seems to have been designed to cage the restless spirits who lived there. The skullposts purport to tell the tragic tale of Luton, the first outsider colony in Shartak, which had a disastrous first contact with the collective native tribe of the time. It also describes the aftermath, what happened to the survivors, and a possible revisionist theory of Shartak's Outsider Traders, who met the settlers from York, Derby and Durham when they first arrived on the shores of their new home.

Lastly, there is a map of sorts in the Sacred Space, a small triangle formation that gives the exact location of each of the major monuments, but it is dubious whether it has survived all this time.   



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Re: Mystery Spots
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2019, 10:10:41 PM »
I'll add one extra to your list:

The ruins of a hidden necromancer refuge can be found within the caverns beneath wiksik, the lost village of necropolis....

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Re: Mystery Spots
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2020, 07:10:12 AM »
Shipyard on the coast SW of the Shipwreck. :pirate: May be old news to you guys but I haven't been back for that long recently. Quite fascinating. :grandpa:
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