Author Topic: Alcohol poisoning traveling bar.  (Read 18 times)

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Alcohol poisoning traveling bar.
« on: July 18, 2024, 07:20:47 PM »
I’m stopping in Durham first. There I’ll see if there’s still a casino in town, what’s a casino without a bar! If not we’ll… I’ll make my own bar. Maybe something like The Restless Speakeasy. I’ll be there for a few day than I’ll go to York, what bar could I be practicing my mixology in York, well the Sour Apple Tavern of course. I think that’s what it was called. I’m not sure it’ll be in the exact same building but I’ll try to get near to it.

And of course we know there’s an abandoned bar in Derby, it’s all still set up. I’m not really a Misfit and im not sure if there are any left but I hope they don’t mind me borrowing their bar for a few days. I don’t really do this for money but tips are appreciated. it’s just good fun, stay hydrated, drink responsibly… because Alcohol Poisonings coming to a town near you.

I don’t know if the natives ever had any drinking establishments, but I only wish to respect their cultures so unless im specifically invited I’ll be skipping their villages during this tour.