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Santa's Grotto - 2018
« on: December 06, 2018, 04:34:18 PM »
Another year, another Santa appearance!  What will happen, who's coming to see the old fat saint this year!  Let's find out.

Camping outside the Grotto

Neil walks up to a smoldering fire and spies upon two people, one native and one outsider.  He chats a little before moving on.[/b]

You say “Nice goal to have Moyabu. Let me help.”
You give 100 gold coins to Moyabu Forrester .
You give 1 gold coin to Dr. Vogelbottom .
You say “I'll be at the grotto.”

Walking into the Grotto Neil spies some familiar companions, though it takes a minute for him to realize...

 Neil Tathers enters the hut, bringing a festive pine tree which he sets up in the corner.
You say “Well then folks that time of year again I see.”
You say “And by all that is sacred, TEAM TATHERS IS THE HOUSE!”
Neil Tathers proceeds to high five and chest bump all willing participants.”
You say “Let's partay!”
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