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Author Topic: READ THIS FIRST- Forum Rules  (Read 30166 times)
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Tom Failur
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« on: November 05, 2008, 09:08:24 PM »

About time we got some basic rules up. We're not trying to install some kind of fascist state, just set some rules down for newcomers and old timers alike. Follow these rules, and you'll be okay.

Here they are in no particular order:
* There is a private-message (PM) facility for a reason, if you only need to say something to one person then please use it.

* Remember that the age of forum readers varies - keep your posts kid-friendly.

* Remember the difference between out-of-character (OOC) and in-character (IC) posts.  No out of character insults.

* No pointless spam - try to make your posts actually say something useful.  Avoid smiley / emoticon only posts.

* Don't start thousands of similar topics, use the search feature and you may find your answer.

* Try to stay on topic.  Don't hijack threads (without a good reason).

* Don't resurrect old, inactive threads without a good reason.

* Avoid discussion of real world politics and religion in OOC discussion, you won't change others opinions and it will only cause confrontation.

* No pointless arguing.

* Be considerate in terms of your avatar and signature sizes and dimensions, some people may be using slow internet connections.

*Do not attempt to circumvent the word censorship system. It is placed there for a purpose.

* No advertising of products or services from outside the game.

* Report to moderators exists for you to report a post to the moderators, use this rather than simply throwing the insult back at someone.
This can be found on the lower right-hand corner of the post you would want to report.

* Mods will explain their actions if required.  Posts are only deleted when necessary.

* Don't feed the trolls, you know who they are. Ignore them and they will go away, hopefully. If necessary, contact a mod and have them deal with the troll.

* No personal attacks.

* If you have accusations of zerging or other behaviour in-game then use the feedback function from instead of starting a thread here. This will get it dealt with by Simon much faster instead of simply causing unnecessary confrontation.

* If you believe a moderator is overstepping the line or victimising certain parties then feel free to contact the other mods or start a thread in forum discussion. This will bring it to our attention and get it dealt with in whatever way is necessary.

* Although not truly against the rules, giving out personal information (such as addresses, names, birthdates) is not a very good idea since the forums are open to the public. These will be modified for safety.

If you feel any of this rules are unfair or feel that some need to be added then feel free to PM a mod.
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