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Author Topic: Last Laugh investigates Raktam  (Read 677 times)
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« on: February 17, 2016, 07:13:41 PM »

A a faded blue spiral ring notebook. It has several small pink unicorn stickers on it along with one big glittery dragon in shades of pastel. On the cover it reads, "Last Laugh Fights The Crime!"

Opened to a random page.  This is what is written.

-can't really believe that. Even if he has a signed note from his doctor.

I've been in Raktam for a few days now. I heard from my sources that there might be a bit of villainy here. But that's not a big deal. Super villains need to unwind every now and again. I have not seen any of the suspects I had in mind though. I was certain I'd find my person of interest here. It's just these super villains having their party. They seem to be the one's running the town. The trails run cold, I may need to move on. Is that an ice cream truck I hear? Must be, perhaps Dr. Sherbet, one of the most twisted and evil villains I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. A real villain's villain.

Anyway, this town has basically been taken over by super villains. You got your mass of tentacles and Lovecraft cliche's, The Crawling Chaos. You have a little trashbin robot from Doctor Who, which is a show I might be familiar with given my back story. There's this weird Butler guy, and there was this other guy, John Torrrent? I get the sense they might be some sort of cultural reference but I don't really read much. There are a couple of cannibals, the gorilla of notable weight is here. Oh and the Darkest Fear. I get the sense he was run out of his hometown. They're in Raktam now, unopposed. Or maybe they'll get bored and leave.

Do you ever wonder if you're being watched? Yeah, me neither. But I have noticed-

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