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Author Topic: Campfire Stories from Midway  (Read 2892 times)
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« on: April 28, 2014, 05:05:24 AM »

Ian was tending a fire near the USS Sulaco on Midway Island when two other outsiders sat down, and the following story was told. Thought it was worth sharing.

Solemn crawls out from the undergrowth with rifle in tow, striding up to the pair and scratching his forehead at the sight of the black ship. (2014-04-27 19:33)
Solemn says “...Well you don't see something of that sort every day. What's all that about?” (2014-04-27 19:34)
A piece of wood shifts in the fire and a shower of sparks float up into the air. (2014-04-27 19:45)
A loud crackling from the fire startles you. As you look, a shower of sparks float up into the air. (2014-04-27 20:45)
A loud crackling from the fire startles you. As you look, a shower of sparks float up into the air. (2014-04-27 21:45)
Calliope Grieve says “That'd be the Sulaco. Or what's left of her...” (2014-04-27 21:54)
Calliope Grieve tosses an empty wineskin on the fire, which greedily consumes it. (2014-04-27 21:55)
Calliope Grieve says “Eight arms, two tentacles...the usual...she took us from starboard, slipped into our side easy, like a lover taking back her bed...we were headed around the horn to the east, just restocked at Derby.” (2014-04-27 22:04)
Calliope Grieve says “The Soluca bucked her, but we were near flat, mainsail to whitecaps for what seemed hours...minutes, maybe. But she was fast...some went into the water without a sound.” (2014-04-27 22:07)
Calliope Grieve says “Those left, we cut loose the sulphur barrels, fire them up--you can see the scoring along the deck, the flames leaping high, looking for high ground...” (2014-04-27 22:08)
Calliope Grieve stares into the fire, eyes glittering. (2014-04-27 22:09)
Calliope Grieve says “That got her attention. She loosed her arms, punched a hole up there, through the main deck--good for us, being sideways, we didn't take the sea. But she let go--and we gave her every blade on board.” (2014-04-27 22:10)
Calliope Grieve smirks, shakes her head. (2014-04-27 22:11)
Calliope Grieve says “Had no idea we were the young man courting a daughter on her front steps, leaning in for the kiss...and her daddy'd stepped out on the porch behind us. Quiet like. ” (2014-04-27 22:13)
Calliope Grieve says “We took her and held her...and he tapped us, ever so gentle...” (2014-04-27 22:13)
Calliope Grieve says “Twice her size. And three arms, boys. Three. As I live and breathe.” (2014-04-27 22:14)
Calliope Grieve says “Even as she sank into the sea, her daddy lifted us high, a good twice the mainmast, like we were nothing.” (2014-04-27 22:15)
Calliope Grieve says “We floated there, looking down into his eyes, black as his hole in the deep. Blacker than the burning decks around us, but brighter than the flames now reaching into the mizzenmast as he bent us over.” (2014-04-27 22:17)
Calliope Grieve says “Looked at us cold, us clinging to every step and surface, every net and cable and cord as we fought and slid and clung to our floating island--” (2014-04-27 22:19)
Calliope Grieve says “I swear, if he could laugh, we'd have heard the howl of the devil himself.” (2014-04-27 22:20)
Calliope Grieve says “His beak--a split reef, barnacles and life upon broken, jagged blades of salt and stone. They didn't snap, didn't shriek or wail. Didn't crack a smile.” (2014-04-27 22:22)
Calliope Grieve says “Just held us there, hanging, praying, to a soul of us...we, making our peace, fingers, arms, legs losing feeling as we gave over to the other side.” (2014-04-27 22:24)
Calliope Grieve says “And then...” (2014-04-27 22:24)
Calliope Grieve regards the men, and shrugs. (2014-04-27 22:24)
Calliope Grieve says “He dropped us. Like a baby, done with his newest toy, in pursuit of something better.” (2014-04-27 22:25)
Calliope Grieve says “We hit hard. Snapped the stern almost to split--but she held. She held. Rudderless. Adrift. But held, in the course of the island...” (2014-04-27 22:26)
Calliope Grieve says “Tide drew us in...I watched him watching us as we pulled away with his consent. ” (2014-04-27 22:42)
Calliope Grieve says “As if to say, "Someday...someday...but not today."” (2014-04-27 22:43)
Calliope Grieve says “Not today.” (2014-04-27 22:43)
A loud crackling from the fire startles you. As you look, a shower of sparks float up into the air. (2014-04-27 22:45)
Calliope Grieve opens a bottle, swigs deep, and offers it up. (2014-04-27 22:49)
Calliope Grieve says “Somebody take it. I drink any more I'll start talking about sharks or something...” (2014-04-27 23:09)
A loud crackling from the fire startles you. As you look, a shower of sparks float up into the air. (2014-04-27 23:45)

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« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2014, 02:07:42 AM »

Nice.  Smiley

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« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2014, 02:33:55 PM »

Solemn shifts from his seat in the sands, a bit dazed from long, quiet moments spent peering into the flames. He swipes his thumb across his nose and sniffs to break the silence. "That is..."
You say “Quite the tale," says the tophatted fellow, a slow shake to his head sweeping back and forth. "Monsters like that belong in nightmares, not the depths we'd figured tamed.”
Solemn sets his rifle more comfortably across his lap and plucks the bottle on offer from her hands. "Although if it's a friend of any the kraken crawling around the depths hereabouts-"
Solemn takes a long pull from its thankfully brine-free contents and sighs as its strength sears a heat down his gullet to warm him from within while the campfire bled the ache from his limbs.
You say “We can handle it. ...Though I loathe whatever its role might be, mother or sire or spawn of hell, should fall beneath blows propped up by ever-reviving ether these shaman-sorts wield.”
Solemn winces at that thought shortly after, a sheepish lilt taking to his smile. "Sorry your boys and brothers didn't have the same luxury. Would've evened the odds a fair tilt."
You say “Still, at least you all fought in the first place, and did it well. I don't think you'd have had the chance to make it even halfway here if you hadn't! That's deserving of something dear, I'd think.”
Solemn tugs over his rucksack from behind his back to rummage and fuss through its contents. But soon he pulls out a bottle with a deep red label, a gold-plated M intricately whisked across its surface.
You say “One of the last bottles of Machetti wine, lifted from their cellars before they faded off into memory. Suited me for special occasions, and I was saving the lot for watching the world burn...”
You give a bottle of tasty berry wine to Calliope Grieve .
Solemn carefully hands it to her with a bittersweet note to his perpetual grin. "You've already had your world suffer through fire, brine, and beast all three."
You say “I think you deserve it a bit more than me.”

Solemn says: "New Haven..."

The mood.
The band.
The flavor.

"Yeah, it's a little like that."
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« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2014, 05:26:33 AM »

All that remains now of these fireside chatters are footprints and shallow holes. The Comte de St Germain is on board the Sulaco, and he'll be sailing it away shortly.

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« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2015, 04:15:22 AM »

Legend has it that only to those deemed worthy, one of those beer/rum crate thingies will appear.
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