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Author Topic: Grassland note  (Read 573 times)
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« on: November 27, 2012, 01:01:00 AM »

I just wanted to point out that in the grassland at the southern tip of the York peninsula, which (for anyone not aware) was a couple years ago split into 3 separate portions by that strange grassland-nomming epidemic which most grasslands have largely recovered from but which has still left lasting interior scars to this day, the smallest of the three portions appears to have disappeared quite recently.

I believe that the last square of grassland of that portion was at [-70.389,+26.287], based on the fact that I recall it to have been there (adjacent to a square of beach which stuck in one square farther than the others), and also because that square is currently at Jungle Density 2 while surrounded by squares which all have densities between 6 and 8, which seems to indicate a very recent conversion.

I just wanted to point this out for remembrance and to have a moment of silence for the lost piece of terrain. To be honest, I'm incredibly surprised it held out this long; it must have been just a single square for at least a year, I think, and wasn't always kept in good repair during that time. I kept hoping it might regrow and become safe, but alas, while literally every other patch of grassland on the island is well on the way to recovery and in many cases even fatter than before, this one fragment has at long last been overgrown.

This also seems to confirm that it's possible for a patch of grassland to be wiped out entirely (there were some suggestions on the wiki that such might be too much control over the terrain), although it's quite possible that this square counted as part of the whole patch, or that there's a mechanic to prevent "original" grasslands squares from converting (if I recall correctly this patch started on the Western side of the peninsula, in the approximate area of the current largest patch, based on the old UberMap image that Fast GPS used to use. This square was certainly not part of that). This is mostly just that I'd started to wonder if some mechanic were protecting that square, explaining why it had survived for so long, but it appears that it's long survival was a simple combination of maintenance and sheer luck.

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