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Author Topic: Templar Bank (formerly Bank of Shartak thread)  (Read 48407 times)
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« Reply #300 on: February 07, 2014, 02:59:18 PM »

The bank's enormous funds ad a curious dispersement history.

At its height the Templar Bank had over 20000 gold coins.

8000 of these were the Raktam Imperial Treasury. Queen MonaLiza took possession of them and gave the coins to an outsider named Neil Armstrong, simply because he wanted it. He disappeared with the loot.

5000 coins likewise went to the Raktam royal physician, Nyarlthotep. He vanished shortly thereafter. Orlando Bloom retained much of it and similarly disappeared.

Fester Shinetop recovered all of his 2000 odd coins, mitigating the possibility of a curse attached to the funds.

Another 1800 ended up with notorious pirate FirstAmongstDaves. He still has much of it although a lot as been spent on ammo, first aid kits, and Dalpoki lap dancers.

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