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Author Topic: Melgor: The Ancient Spirit  (Read 1426 times)
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« on: October 14, 2012, 01:19:56 AM »

Melgor sees his own dead body and the symbol on his chest is glowing a gold light.
Melgor looks down and sees how his spirit looks, resembling a different appearance than his body.
Melgor places his spectral hand upon the symbol on his chest when a flash blinds him and his memories and the memories of the body filled his mind.
Melgor watches as the symbol melts away and the body shifts and takes on the same appearance as him.
You say “I am back to my full power! I am Melgor, the Ancient Lich King. My spirit has existed for a eon and when the Fall of the Ancients occurred, I conquered the mortal forms of the Ancients.”
You say “My body is no longer a prison but a vessel to perform Necromancy and spread my knowledge with mankind.”

The memories of Melgor are as such:
The body the Necromancers have become eager to greet has not always been their friend. He was once all of necromancy's greatest enemy. He lead the great purge which forced the Necromancers into hiding. Many battles were fought between his men and the Necromancers. His name was Jawn.

Jawn was the greatest threat the Necromancers have ever come across. Battles waged endlessly during the day and by night each side would bring their dead back to life. It was an endless struggle that lead to the destruction of villages. Many of the Necromancers plotted against Jawn, looking for ways to end his life permanently. The answer came to them in the form of a homeless man carrying a mystical book. The book described a powerful exorcism which would remove the spirit, making the body an empty vessel. This would allow for any spiritual being to take control of the body.

The book also described a seance to summon a Lich King, a member of the Ancients. When the Ancients fell from the heavens, they became mortals and when they died their spirits went to a realm specifically for them. A Lich King was an Ancient who practiced Necromancy. It also described how the Ancient would destroy the body if it wasn't the correct host or imprisoned inside the body. Luckily the book also described a ritual to imprison the Lich King. All they would need is to capture Jawn and preform all of the necessary rituals. They waited and planned their attack. After recuperating from battle, the Necromancers attacked.

They killed his men swiftly and held him down. They preformed the exorcism and his body laid still. Then they banished his spirit away so that he couldn't reclaim his body. Then they summoned the Lich King known as Melgor who gladly answered the call and entered the body ready for him. As soon as he entered the body, the Necromancers performed the imprisonment, sowing his mouth shut, damaging his memory, and sealing him inside the body with a specific symbol.

Melgor crafted a wooden mask for himself and when Jawn did not show for the next day's battle, but Melgor did, all hope had been lost for those who wished to destroy necromancy. Especially when Melgor showed his face, the same face as Jawn. The following year lead to the complete destruction of the followers of Jawn and any literature that portrayed him as a saint or hero. He was quickly forgotten to all and the Necromancers became a powerful group on the island.

Melgor was kept in a cavern under the island occupied by the Necromancers. One woman claimed to be Melgor's mother and raised him. He stayed in the cavern even after the unification of all Necromancers and an established base of operations. His mother cared for him until she faced true mortality. Her spirit instructed him to find the Necromancer's Guild and join them and the truth would be revealed soon before her spirit departed from this world.


The Fall of the Ancients was an event that occurred causing the reshaping of Shartak from a large mountainous continent into the island all know today. It occurred after the death of Tarak and the escape of Maya. The Ancients revolted against the Sky Gods for the Toad God's intervening in the battle between Tarak and Knygathin Zhaum when the Toad God brought Knygathin Zhaum back to life to kill Tarak dishonorably. The Ancients attacked the Sky Gods but the Sky Gods had power over the Ancients and cast them from the heavens to live alongside Mortals. The Ancients crashed upon the cold earth and changed it forever.

Many of the Ancients became kings and queens since they were stronger than mere Mortals but there was one Ancient that all feared equally. Melgor was an Ancient who studied necromancy. He taught a few weaker Ancients the art of necromancy and when he was cast down to Shartak, he taught Mortals. He also made the lifeless bodies of Mortals into his soldiers. He lead great conquests with his ever growing and unstoppable army before conquering all of Shartak. Unfortunately he could not beat the curse of mortality, and despite living longer than all of the Ancients, he still met death. His art was passed on through the ages and has been mastered by only a select few. All of the Ancients had ascended to the heavens once more where they lived until any were summoned by mortals, found a vessel, human bodies that would accept the spirits of the Ancients, or revolted once more for any reason they wished.

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