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Author Topic: A Dalpoki Scout  (Read 1050 times)
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« on: February 15, 2012, 06:50:18 AM »

This is a story of a Dalpoki scout whose name is Raan'dul. He was born in Dalpok before the outsiders had ventured very far into the jungle, despite the lone traveler now and then, and before the pirates had wrecked their miserable ship on the shore. He was only a child when the pirates had come to Shartak, with their blood lust and their horrid ways. Both of Raan'dul's parents had gone to fight the vile men in their home. They were gone for months, everyday sending a letter to the village by songbird. Each letter explained their victories and showed their love for their only son.

Their son worked hard to become a true Dalpoki warrior. He trained with the local elders who knew everything about war and combat, being the best warriors on the island. Then one day the songbird returned to Raan'dul with his own letter. He did not understand so he sent the songbird away again. Yet again it returned with his own letter. He worried but he did not send out the songbird another time seeing as it was too tired and needed rest. Raan'dul trained harder than before and was the youngest boy to ever take the initiation trials into manhood and warriorhood.

The initiation trails consisted of going into the jungle and coming back with the pelt of a tiger. The tiger fought viciously, as did Raan'dul. Raan'dul eventually killed it with his bare hands, a fury of punches finally did the cat in. The tiger wounded Raan'dul but he killed the tiger and intended on bringing back it's pelt. As Raan'dul made his way back to camp he passed out from blood loss. It was lucky, and unlucky at the same time, that a group of Durhamites were adventuring nearby. They patched up his wounds and gave him a drug derived from yeastweed to numb the pain. It was not long until he awoke in a strange new setting.

The Durhamites loaded him full of the drug, which was highly addictive and caused Raan'dul to basically become a zombie, not remembering his name, where he came from, or who his family was. He simply did every beck and call the Durhamites wished him to do. He often delivered letters and did simple work. As each ruler of the city came and went, Raan'dul was passed to each ruler. Soon enough he came under the rule of Dani al-Ghazali. Dani had him branded with Durham's new symbol, the crescent moon and star. Raan'dul simply flinched to the pain before continuing his chores.

He remained under Dani's rule for sometime before the former king of Wiksik met him. Anthor greeted the slave with kindness and saw the suffering Raan'dul was going through. Anthor did not allow Raan'dul to leave, instead cleansing him of the addictive poison in his body. After months of detoxification, Raan'dul was finally strong enough to return home. His return home was simply more disappointment.

While he was gone, the village was deserted. Bones filled most of the huts, if there was anything in the hut to begin with. The huts were in decay and needed attention. The trader and shaman were nowhere to be seen the first few days. He quickly went to work to repair the huts and beckoned back the shaman and trader. With their return and some shelter repaired, life seemed to come back to the village.

Yet, where there is life there are always those who wish to kill it. Pirates such as Black Beard and Gorry Louis attacked the village, and soon after the attacks of an 800 pound gorilla who feasted on men followed. Raan'dul fought back against these attackers, hoping to rally his Dalpoki brothers and sisters into raising arms against attackers.

He saw hope coming back to the village as he fought against these foes. He brought the fight to the shipwreck hoping to drive back the vile enemies once and for all. Yet even drowning in their own blood they do not stop fighting. Raan'dul eventually was forced to draw back and defend his village from within, after being captured and branded with a gruesome skull, a warning amongst outsiders of the headhunter. After many months of battles, between the gorilla, the pirates and a Dalpoki traitor, Raan'dul was forced to make a difficult decision. He requested the shaman bring his spirit into the realm of the Dalpoki ancestors. The shaman did so and Raan'dul's body was just an empty shell waiting to be filled with it's spirit.

After some time in the spirit realm, Raan'dul finally returned. He had been given the gift of an ancient warrior's set of armor, allowing him to fight even when his weapons are out of reach. Upon his return, a young shaman approached him and told him how he could bring the fire back to his spirit. It would allow him to be an even greater warrior. Black Olivia and Raan'dul performed the ritual which left him with the rune for fire upon his chest.

This is the story of Raan'dul thus far.

You attack the tiger and miss. Pausing a moment to reflect on this, tackling the tiger with your bare hands might be considered crazy!
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