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Author Topic: Last Laughs failed business endeaver.  (Read 1116 times)
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« on: February 10, 2012, 05:35:00 PM »

Last Laugh could never run a massive corporate empire. Partly because both myself and the character lacks the organizational skills. Maybe if I had more free time and support than I try something like this.

Just fill out this application and hand it over to my secretary... wait... uh, the position of secretary is also open. And for the mouth breathers out there I'll explain what this is.

Name: My name's either Benjamin Swift, James Tiberius Hook, Erich Zann or maybe I just forgot, but I'm certainly not the mild mannered alter ego of Last Laugh. Actually, you can just call me Last Laugh, and than sign your name here on this application, we'd like for you to sign in blood, or red ink... yes, red ink is fine too.

Hometown: If you said York than you've got yourself a job but don't fret job seeking Durhamites and Derbians we hope to open branches in your towns soon enough. And due to some anti-discrimination lawsuits even you native types could apply... and who knows, you'll probably get hired.

If you are not able to perform the functions of your job at the Last Laugh Corporation due to the flaw of an ethical or moral compass, please visit our propaganda and brainwashing consultants for reconditioning immediately.

Are you not legally able to work on Shartak? Well than that's too bad, CEOs have laws they have to obey too, even power mad megalomaniacs can't be breaking the rules all the time.

As for shifts, those who work the graveyard shift may find they will be working in a graveyard, digging up bodies... which will than either be re-animated or made into hotdogs and sold to a local food cart near you!

You will require an genuine Alaskan drivers license. A valid Alaska Driver's License? You never know when one of these will come in handy.

It has been noted that Bus Drivers make excellent mad scientists, thugs and spies. If you are an experienced bus driver please go to room 148 and pick out your gun and badge because you just got yourself a new job.

There was also an application form somewhere that I made. in fact this was written to be posted along with the form, so many of these random statements are referencing are from the form. Such as the valid Alaskan Drivers License. I edited a lot of things from the original form. For instance one of the shifts I added was The Apocalypse Shift. Good times were had on that shift.

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Last Laugh The erratic antihero.
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