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Author Topic: Nsoromma  (Read 11303 times)
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Terrible Ed Rickets
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« Reply #45 on: November 09, 2015, 02:46:39 AM »

Thank ye!   Grin  Th' game be momentarily blessed, as Baal be listenin' an' verbal warefare pleases him! Thar be some good stuff in thar too. Hegemonic masculinity theories, Crossdressin' huts, stuck craws, tibetans, bitchy hissy whispers (wtf?) ... whew, me hade be spinnin'! Please sirs may aye be havin' another? 

Terrible Ed Rickets says “Ahoy homos. Th' gangplank t' th' keel rooms be jus' north o' here.” (2015-11-13 03:33)
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« Reply #46 on: November 12, 2015, 04:32:32 AM »

to even South Korean

So I know this is out of nowhere, but,

Why should Korea be far out to discuss? The politics there have world affecting consequences. The peninsula is home to the last nuke-happy despot, whose Imagine Dragons song can reach as far as the British Isles and the westerly USA, and that's just from the heartland's launch pad. And if the Koreas weren't elite nations with fairly talented experts, scientists, and technicians; either China or Japan would exploit the land as a buffer zone against each other.

That would have huge consequences as it would grant either nation a foothold to push against the other, and ultimately to embark on their path to overseas empire. But since the Koreas aren't pushovers, based on their position between China (sort of like France [cultural trendmakers], Italy [ancient empire], and Germany [Guangdong are central Chinese's smellier cousins] combined) and Japan (UK) they'll probably be East Asia's future equivalent to the Netherlands. Remember the Anglo-Dutch wars? A Dutch prince installed himself on the English throne. A pivoting effect of that level could happen with Korea, if Korea continues to keep pace, and South Korea's navy actually has more ships (~180) than Japan's (~120).

I know this isn't likely to get a response. But hey, the wang is bigger than Florida, if that means anything. Certainly smarter.
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Cobalt Manticore
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« Reply #47 on: November 12, 2015, 11:52:17 PM »

Some jabber about jabbing from the wronged and innocent?
Yes cobalt. Two years ago I said something rude to you OOC, on a character that's been idled almost as long, and it's stuck in your craw ever since, despite the best efforts of Sofaking and other reasonable people to patch things up. And if you were as old as killy says you are, you'd just put it behind you, but instead you put on a fake smile and a mile-wide inferiority complex and jab at me whenever we meet like this.
But the hissy whispers, yes?
Let me make something clear: If you don't turn around from what you're doing, I'll bring this to the forum. and I'll reiterate how you consider ALL your characters just bits and pieces of yourself, that is, pretty clearly alt-abuse. You fuck with me, , and I'll do you one better. I don't much care about your damn paranoias - quite frankly, if FAD turned out to be Anthor's alt, that shouldn't make a difference to you, considering how you act - nor your idiotic grudge from two years ago. You smash my signposts and i'll grief you the fuck out of here. And I'll bring the misfits into it, because believe me, if Katie calhoun hates anyone more than me, it's any of Cyadora's old sycophants, and you're the sycophant-in-chief. So swallow your goddamn pride, and just try to play the game, you lowly piece of sit.
Now, are we distinguishing IC from OOC here? Says IC but maybe I'm missing an unwritten culture rule as to how the forum relates to the game. Looked to me a bit like a character's player getting ad hominous to another character's player over how/ever another character is played here. This forum message is but a sampling of the messages and 1-to-1 convos I've seen in game, ironically from a person who stands by that he/she/whoever wants the freedom to play the game his/her/whoever's way? As for Anthor & FAD, if they are one, then it's a damn good masquerade because well I know better. So, welcome back me, blank slates are so far being offered gratis, but srsly nao, they're just f'n signposts, lol. You just seemed to be having some trouble with the complete and truthful so I'm aiding ya some help here. Next?

As was said here and there, by others, for other reasons, this was years ago. We now return ya to your regularly scheduleds.
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