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1  In Character / Clans / Re: Team Tathers Tactical Talk Thread on: February 12, 2018, 10:42:19 AM
 I came across about 20 of them in the jungles NE of Wiksik recently.  I didn't get close enough to them to note if each I spotted was a pack.
2  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: Dog on: February 11, 2018, 11:20:42 AM
Lassie, did Timmy fall in the well again!!?
3  In Character / Clans / Re: Giant Squid sighted. on: January 12, 2018, 07:42:34 PM
lookin for ya. Only have 10 fak's but you are welcome to them. Gotta find you first though.
4  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: Demystified on: October 03, 2017, 10:25:04 PM
(squinting one eye at Gridflay)
   Hrmmmm, The Arcade also had pool tables and was a bar at night. I also went to an all boys High School. (well.. they let girls in during my junior year. 2000 guys and 6 girls. Senior year they had a whoppin 34 girls attending.) Aside from playing pinball, fooseball, and pool, meeting girls was why I spent so much time in such places. I didn't add darts to my repertoire till my mid 20's. Had a wooden case with a crosscut part to keep my flights from being squished. Still have it in the garage I think. We just are survivors of the same era I suspect
5  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: Demystified on: October 01, 2017, 07:58:42 AM
ha!  yep pretty much. We had a main arcade downtown Portland. It was the crossroads for us high school gamers because it was at the nexus for bus travel. You rode to downtown then transferred off to the bus that took you out to your side of town. You could make money on the pinball machines a quarter at a time. If you could rack up a few credits, People would plunk down their quarters to join in the rotation on a pinball machine. I was pocketing  a coupla dollars a day while waiting on the next bus that took me to my home. Oh I had my bad days too... but I refuse to remember those. }:)~
6  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: Demystified on: September 28, 2017, 09:36:26 AM
RE: the Polybius arcade game.

    I'm a gamer. It started in the back rooms and ally's behind The Arcade. Where you could peruse the pinball machines and gather to talk Asteroid strategy. During the late 70's until 1982'ish  I held most of the high scores around The Portland metro area on any pinball machine worth playing. From the Foosball parlors, to quite a few taverns in the SE part of town, I was a legend in my own mind.  If there was a Polybius arcade game. I probably played it.  I say probably, because I don't recall either way. In watching the video, the soundtrack to the game sorta sounds familiar. But that may simply be because there was only so many noises those old consoles could put forth.  I lived in Portland for 30 something years and until I read about this mysterious arcade game here, I'd never heard of it.
The video was pretty well done. I quite enjoyed it. Thanks for pointing this myth my way.
7  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: I ran across a hungry python today. on: July 31, 2017, 03:10:20 AM
I saw a giant squid right next to the shipwreck yesterday. I am going to restock and try to kill it. All are welcome to join me.
8  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: I ran across a hungry python today. on: April 27, 2017, 10:53:46 PM
  I knew that dieing to him would only make him stronger. He wouldn't let me get away!  I wasn't prepared for that battle. The next time I will be better prepared.  I wouldn't turn down any help though. I had my GPS off so no choords to share. Blergh~
9  Out of Character / General Discussion / I ran across a hungry python today. on: April 25, 2017, 11:29:48 PM
 I was wandering the jungles just north of Wiksik and came across a Hungry Python. I was curious so I gave it a poke. It had a little over 260 hps!! So not being all that flush with AP I did the sensible thing, I ran away. Well... I tried to run away that is. The scaly sucker had glommed onto me like a beard on a dwarf! After a good try to escape in every direction I decided to go down swinging.  I even used up my stock of fungi juice in order to trim it down some.  I think its at 230ish hp now.. He not only was hard to hit all the sudden, but he hit back for 14 hp a pop! As soon as I restock on med kits I am gonna track him down again and give him another thrashing!
10  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: New Contest "Revenge of the Spirits of the Ancestors!" (Nov-Dec 2016)(concluded) on: April 13, 2017, 11:25:22 PM
Very cool looking badge! Thanks!
11  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: April Fools 2017 on: April 01, 2017, 09:23:26 PM
  Apparently I am a coherent smurf. harrumph. I'll see if I can't remedy that.
12  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: Is this Zerging? on: January 19, 2017, 03:33:19 AM
  I've been keeping an eye out on several characters that I thought were the same person. I connected Sara Osborne to Burt fairly early via interactions between several chars with one of my alts. Quarrel was connected to Sara.. and possibly the Axeman ( Not positive with that one.. But he fits a pattern I've noticed.) Arron Burr killed an alt shortly after being visited in his hidy hole by Burt also. Was kind of obvious with Burt telling me to die.. then a character I hadn't seen before pops by and kills me  minutes later.  Quite a few folks could be tagged as alts of Burts going by the pattern I noticed, but I could have been wayyyy off with any of em just as easily. I've only mentioned ones I am pretty sure of.
  All in all, although I was zerged a bit by him, I always thought of our interactions as part of entering a new (to me) game community. (shrug) I thought Burt was an excellent role player. At one point I took a hard look at our interactions, and saw that most of it was indeed just that. Roleplay.
   I don't think he should be driven from the game. I realize that what I know is like the tip of an iceberg. But on the flip side.. He seems  to have been around for alot of the history of Shartak also.
anyways.. theres my two cents.
13  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: Classy on: September 30, 2016, 09:14:02 PM
  That sounds like an interesting hing to know. Hrmmmmmm
14  Out of Character / General Discussion / Re: Sore loser on: September 23, 2016, 03:47:11 AM
I like this game. I quickly discovered the  AP one character gets wasn't enough to play with, so I created a couple more alts to run around the island with. I've been gaming a long time and over the years I have played quite a few games online that have fine tuned the personnel honor system that I use. The Forum has been a gold mine of information that's given me a good clue on much of the etiquette of the game, as its played by most folks. That's good, because for the most part, it fits well with my personal honor codes.  I play my characters differently and interact with folks depending on separate criteria.  I am a believer in player etiquette and honorable play. 
   I haven't played as long as most of the posters here. Not even close really as I am only on my second year with my first char here (DF).  Mostly I have been killed in ways that would normally occur in a game like this. I've been killed 3-4 times in a row by one native that I accept were honorable kills because that's what cannibals do..  That char is developing a strong dislike for cannibals and has started to kill them on site. My other chars won't be hunting or scouting out this fella because that doesn't fit my idea of honor.  I have one alt that has been hunted/killed by at least 4 alts of one player I suspect.  Don't know for sure, but it doesn't matter. Its not my other alts fight.  I am having fun on the island and I am not sure if it would be the same if I went transparent.  I will watch a bit and see how many other honorable folk step up and follow the first Dave.
15  In Character / Clans / Re: Kraken Hunters on: August 16, 2016, 11:47:25 PM
I saw a fully grown giant squid just off the SE shore of Mandable(sp?)  Island about a week ago. It was at 157 HP. If its the same one, someones been whittling on it.
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