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Title: Awake
Post by: Taiaka on September 18, 2015, 05:22:52 AM
So, I dreamed. And it was a good dream. Mostly.

I was in the cradle of hope, it was warm. People were there. The wind was sweet and the sun was dead. They danced with the Stars. And then a figure broke away from the throng of sweaty bodies; she shimmered like a mirage as she took my hand and invited me into the velvety blackness. I breathed smoke; heartbeat percussion a steady throb in my temples. She was like silk on a wound, a tourniquet to thought and worry. And so we danced. She swayed and I leaned, stealing her scent, she bent and I bent with her. The Skygods led with whirlwind tempos, a crossfire of primordial rhythms. She turned and I turned with her. We became the rains of Spring, the Summer heat, the colors of Fall and the calm of Winter. There was no guile or those subtle words (the nuance of the cowardly) that we once shared between us in smoky huts. It was an electric-blue honesty marked by bare shoulders and genuine smiles.

Then, as suddenly as it began, the music stopped, and out of the inky darkness came the roar of a tiger. I knew the sound like I know my heart. When I turned to look, I was blinded by the sun. And I realized that I was no longer sleeping.

So, I picked up my machete once more, shook the dust from my dreadlocks, and headed home.

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Title: Re: Awake
Post by: Pike on October 04, 2015, 10:19:01 PM
[OOC....yeah, this is supposed to be in the Natives forum, oops]

I was going to say this sounds almost like the most gentle cannibal on the island, then you cleared it up. Just primal love.

Cannibals don't 'steal scent,' they eat faces.