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Author Topic: Burden of the Past  (Read 1914 times)
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The Five Katras
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« on: August 16, 2012, 12:14:39 AM »

OOC: For a while now, Samantha Kade has been building towards something. Anyone who has really gotten to know her or taken a good look at her bio knows that she's been looking for a "miracle cure" in order to cure a mysterious illness that her father came down with, and even more so some people might have noticed that there seems to be something else going on with that too, something hidden under the surface. It's something I had in the back of my mind since she came to the island and the buildup to it sort of fell into place piece by piece over time. She's hinted to a few people and confided in a few friends that she had something huge and dangerous that she had to do coming up, and this is the story of that. Please have mercy on me as I'm not actually very good at writing, and it's tricky to link multiple worlds together in a story for a character.

Anyway... here goes and hope you enjoy it.


Burden of the Past

“Above all, the monster seeks to feed on sorrow and suffering and death. In order to sate its eternal appetite, it twists and defiles a person's very memories, erasing all memory of the good, making them focus on the negative aspects of every experience. So powerful is Mot’s will that it can turn a souls perceptions of even their most beloved, making them believe that they were never anything but hateful enemies. In this way it breaks a soul’s resistance, leaving them weak and at the mercy of the beast, ready to be devoured.”
-   Hua Tov, Master Ancestral Researcher of the Tsoo

She woke in the darkness, covered in muck. Slowly she rolled herself over and pushed herself up on her hands and became aware that her head was throbbing with a terrible pain. A moment later she registered that it wasn’t just her head, that her entire body was burning with pain, like she had been doused in some kind of acid.

“Where…?” She tried to remember how she had gotten here and could not. In fact, she couldn’t remember anything about herself, not even her own name. And for some reason, that didn’t seem to bother her. In fact strangely enough nothing seemed to bother her, not even her throbbing head of the burning pain all over her body. “I must be dead.” She thought, and almost let herself sink back down into the muck surrounding her, but something nagged at the back of her mind and for reasons she didn’t fully understand she decided to not give in to the embrace of death just yet.

She winced and slowly picked herself up, looking around at her surroundings, and almost threw up. What at first glance she had taken to be some kind of dark cave was alive. The walls were flesh. Disgusting bleeding flesh that was leaking some kind of hideous bile that she suddenly realized had been the muck she had been laying in.

“What is this place… how did I get here?” she asked herself, but received no reply. The walls of the place seemed to quiver, and she suddenly realized her whole body was still burning with pain. She looked at her arm. It looked like part of the skin had actually started to dissolve, and she was bleeding fairly badly from it. “Healing Herbs…” she thought. “Healing herbs in the backpack can stop the bleeding… stop the damage…. God, what is this place? What is this –thing-? Was it trying to –eat me-?”

She began to frantically search around her for her backpack that she somehow knew she had brought with her, and that she somehow knew had healing herbs that could help her. But the whole place was filled with that disgusting burning bile and as she swept her hands around in the darkness she felt her energy and her will fading more and more. Was she crazy? Was this even real? Maybe it was just a dream, and she should just give in and then maybe she could wake up… and if it wasn’t a dream, why fight it? There was obviously no way out of here. She was dying in the darkness and there was no point stretching out the agony, was there?

In despair she swept her hands around in the muck one last time, desperately searching for the backpack that she wasn’t even sure she hadn’t imagined one last time before giving in to death, when her hands found something under the sludge. She lifted it out, shook it a few times to get the slime off it, and stared at it in the low light.

It was a small cross, like one someone might carry with them. She looked at it for the longest of moments, something tugging at the back of her mind, and then suddenly she realized it. No, this wasn’t just a cross, this was the cross that she had gotten-


36 hours earlier

She had gotten everything she could ready for this. Samantha Kade finished going through her pack and her supplies for the 20th time and began to pace back and forth between the circle of mystical gateways high atop the central mountain of the Island of Shartak.

She had come to this island looking for a miracle cure for the “curse” afflicting her father and, more lately, herself. It had been the latest in what had become a fairly long line of desperate attempts to find a way out for herself and her father. She had learned some time ago the true nature of her and her fathers situation, and at that point it had seemed like the only possible way to come through it was to find some kind of miracle cure, some way to be granted immunity. But the island hadn’t given up a miracle cure. Instead it had provided something else, something totally unexpected. A way to fight back.

Samantha looked at the portals around her. “I brought this on myself.” She thought. “Couldn’t leave well enough alone… saw something that looked valuable and just had to have it, no matter how ancient or sacred or –cursed- it was.” If only she had the respect for ancient artifacts she had now back then, this could all have been avoided. But she hadn’t had it then. She had learned the hard way.

She shook her head to clear the thoughts. She knew very well that thinking like that was poison to what she was about to try and do. If she doubted herself or her mission, or let guilt or regret take control of her, she might as well be jumping off a cliff to her death. And whatever else she might have felt about herself in that moment she had things to return afterwards. Artifacts borrowed from the island and keepsakes entrusted to her by friends and she had no intention of letting them be lost god knows where never to be found again. She had to win this thing.

The portals flashed red, the runes she had inscribed on the sides glowing softly. She checked her watch, a small antique piece she had picked up at the Hanged Misfit bar. It was almost time now.

She returned to her pack and did a reflexive last moment 21st check of all her supplies. Journals and notes? Check. Crystal Pendants? Check. Compass? Check. Cross she had gotten from Darwin? Check. GPS? Check. Knives, daggers, and machetes? Enough to chop down a forest. Rifles and spare ammo? Enough to gun down an army. And enough healing herbs and first aid kits to heal it back up after. And finally the last two things: The heavy ancient staff she had gotten from Dalpok, and the silvery softly glowing armor of the Skygods she had found deep beneath the island. Everything was here. Or at least, everything she could reasonably have hoped to have ready.

The portals flashed again. It was time to go. She put Darwin’s cross around her neck, hefted the heavy Dalpoki staff, and slid the rest into her pack which she slung up onto her back. The red flashing light was skipping between the portals now and she waited patiently for it to finally pick one to fully manifest at. A few more flashes and jumps of light and it did so. Samantha walked toward it, noting with no small sense of irony that it had chosen to solidify on the portal that normally led to Rakmogak. She paused for a just a moment in front of it, taking one last look around and one last deep breath, and then stepped through the portal.


Samantha shuddered as she stepped out into another place. She had only taken a step and a half, but her stomach was informing her it was well aware she had jumped across timescapes, dimensions and possibly multiverses on the way to Paragon City and Dark Astoria. She dropped to her knees for a moment, taking long slow breaths to fight the nausea and dizziness and get a hold of herself. After a few moments the world stopped spinning and she looked around.

Smashed tombstones, crushed and broken bones, and blackened statues of angels that appeared to be crying blood let her know she was in Moth Cemetery. She was close to Mot now. Close to the monster. She quickly gathered up her supplies.

This had been a nice place, once. She knew from her research that everything around her had once been a normal city. But that time was past. Freed of it’s chains, Mot had manifested itself here and begun to twist and corrupt and feed on all around it, ever growing in power.  Even now, looking over the smashed debris, she could see it’s massive mouth… or head… or whatever the hell it was… rising out of the ground like some kind of disgusting living mountain.

She had done her homework. She knew what she was looking at. Mot was an extra-dimensional “god” of death and suffering. Any kind of sadness or sorrow or negative emotion, any kind of death that it could get anywhere near gave it more power. It had been bound ages ago across multiple multiverses, bits and pieces of it sealed away in rituals, trapped into idols or flung into the void. But now… now just enough of those forces acting to contain it had failed that it had started to manifest itself again. She didn’t know if her own indiscretion had been the one to finally break it free, but it didn’t matter now. This was where the monster had chosen to appear. And if it wasn’t stopped now… well. This wouldn’t be the only place. It would only get bigger and stronger and more unstoppable until no place and no one was safe. She would make sure that didn’t happen.

Taking a deep breath, she set out towards Mot.


The Shaman of suffering stepped forward from the group of Mot worshippers and monsters, grinning madly and brandishing his ceremonial knife made from the bones of his victims. “Alison Jameson, your blood and the blood of your brother will be our power. Mot has brought you here for this!”

Allison cradled her brother in her lap, rocking back and forth and crying hysterically “Please… please stop… we haven’t done anything wrong… just let us go, please! Haven’t you hurt us enough?”

She tried to block it out. This wasn’t real, it was just a bad nightmare. She hadn’t been called in to work because of a citywide emergency involving people being murdered in the street or outright devoured by some kind of monstrous mouths. She hadn’t watched her fellow analysts go crazy. She hadn’t been sent by portal to secure location only to have it teleport her into hell instead. And her brother was definitely not bleeding to death on her lap, having been torn to shreds by those monsters after he tried to come rescue her. No. No, none of this was real. She closed her eyes, rocking back and forth.

The shaman raised his blade. “Allison Jameson… become one with Mot!” With one wicked motion, he brought the blade down full force. Allison flinched, then slowly opened her eyes. The blade had stopped a half inch from her.

“Afraid I’m going to have to contest this one.” Samantha said, and gave the staff a slight push from where it was currently jammed into the broken throat of the shaman, causing him to fall backwards with a thud. He choked out a bloodied laugh. “More… death… more killing… all for Mot… it… it never ends.” Samantha whirled the staff around herself a time or two then settled into a defensive stance. “It’ll end. I’ll make sure of it.” She looked back at the girl and her brother. “You ok back there?”

Allison looked up at her rescuer and stuttered “N-no… my brother is bleeding to death and we’re all going to die!” “Just hang in there for a few minutes more, ok?” Samantha responded, and turned her attention back to the rest of the cultists and monsters slowly surrounding them. She tightened her grip on the staff and managed a small grin. “Well from what the spirits told me, and I don’t think they’d lie about something like this, this is an old school dalpoki staff fighting style. So if you think you can beat that, then bring it on!”


The fight was short and brutal. Mot’s minions had tried to overwhelm her by all rushing at once, but the knowledge the spirits had granted her held true. The heavy dalpoki staff made quick work of them. Only once did one of them get by her guard, driving a dagger straight at her neck, but instead of slicing her jugular wide open it had stopped an inch short. The glowing metallic armor of the skygods had manifested itself around Samantha in that moment and saved her life by blocking the strike. She didn’t give the cultist a second chance. As the last of the attackers fell, she turned back to those she’d saved.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

The girl on the ground stuttered slightly. “Allison.”

“Nice to meet you, Allison. Let me have a look at your brother there, ok?”

Allison nodded and Samantha knelt down to take a look at him. He had been stabbed at least a half dozen times and had lost a lot of blood. He looked to be in shock and was barely breathing. His condition was well beyond any modern field medicine’s capacity to treat.

“Hand me my backpack, will you?” she said to Allison, motioning towards her pack. The other girl brought it over to her, and she started to rummage through it. “Now, I know this looks bad. And it is bad. But I’ve been around a few places and learned a few tricks here and there…” She paused as she pulled out a bundle of healing herbs from the medicine hut in Raktam. “For example, I spent a lot of time learning from this shaman in this village… her name was Nihlia, she can take these and heal anything in the world. You wouldn’t believe what she can do with these things. I’m not quite as good as her but…”  She started applying the herbs to the wounds, the blood suddenly starting to clear up and the wounds beginning to close almost magically. “…But I can still do a couple things. There.” Samantha stood up slowly. “You’re brother should be ok now. He won’t be running any races for a while, but he’ll live. How’d you end up out here anyway?”

Allison was quiet for a moment, and then began to speak. “I’m an intelligence analyst. I work for Vanguard. When… when that thing showed up…” *she motioned towards the looming form of Mot* “When it showed up everything went to hell and I got called in to work to figure out what to do. Most of the rest of my team… my friends… they all started going crazy. I was still holding up so… so they told me I was supposed to be ported to a secure location to keep working. It didn’t work though. I ended up here.”

Samantha winced at the story. “And him?”

“He’s my brother. He worked with SWAT. I got a message out on the radio when I ended up here and he came to get me. I almost thought we were going to be ok but then those things jumped us and… and…”

Samantha put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s not your fault. You did the best you could and so did he. Don’t blame yourself, that’ll just make you an easy target for –it.- Focus on the good, focus on your hopes. The way back should be clear and you’re going to get you and your brother out of here. Focus on that.”

Allison closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. “I… I will. And you? What are you going to do?”

Samantha turned to look towards the monster. “Me? I’ve got a score to settle with Mot.”


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« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2012, 12:16:06 AM »

*Part 2 since it wouldn't all fit in one post*


She slid up slowly along the side of the rock face and slowly… carefully stole a peek at what lay beyond. The massive maw of Mot stared back at her and she shuddered deeply. It had taken her entirely too long to get to this point. She had done her homework and planned this out completely. Slowly and carefully, she had made her way around the beast and marked eight locations around it with very specific runes meant to power a very specific binding ritual.

The plan as she had originally laid it out in her head would have had her to this point several hours ago, but the landscape itself seemed to twist and shift to confuse her and slow her down, and more than once she had been drawn into combat with the creatures hideous minions. Though she had always come out on top, each fight had drained more of her energy and left her more and more exhausted. And now came the hard part. In order to complete the ritual, she would have to get close, right up next to that monster’s head, and inscribe the final rune to focus and activate the binding spell.

She slid back behind the rock face out of sight, and almost lost her footing when she caught a glimpse of someone else beside her climbing upwards. Then in the next moment it was gone. The energies of this place were starting to affect her, she was starting to see glimpses of ghosts. She had to hurry, before her energy completely ran out and her mind really started to unravel.

She took a deep breath to steady herself, gripped her staff tightly, and focused her mind on the goal, on everything she had seen and done up to this point, and on everyone who had cared enough about her to help her and wish her well. She gave herself to the count of 5, and then launched herself up over the rock face, sprinting straight towards Mot.

A wave of heat and what she could only describe as hatred hit her almost immediately, the silvery glowing armor of the skygods manifesting itself around her to keep her from being scorched alive as she pressed forward as hard as she could, pushing to get closer… to get close enough to do what had to be done. She could hear the monster in her head.

“sAMantHa kAde… gIVe iN… tHat poWEr is nOT yOUrs…”

She gritted her teeth and pushed forward. “No… it’s not… I borrowed it… but it doesn’t matter now. It’s going to put you away for good…” She was almost there… just a little bit closer… almost…

“hAHAhA… YOu tHInk to sTop mE? wIth tHe skYgodS? tHey WiLL FeED mE. YoU wilL fEED mE tOO…!”

“Not today, sorry!” She dragged herself forward the last couple feet under the withering gaze of Mot and started to inscribe the rune. She worked quickly, focusing everything she had on steadying her shaky hands and finishing this one last thing…  She created the first part of the rune… then the second… then the final motions and it began to glow with power. It was working. She had done it. She had-
The rune exploded, blasting her backwards with a fiery blast that knocked her senseless and sent her sprawling. Slowly she tried to pick herself up, ears ringing and vision swimming, but couldn’t keep her balance. The world was spinning too much. She fell to her knees, supporting herself just barely with her staff.

“hAHAha…. nOW YOu sEE… nO HOPe… ONly dEspAIR… gIVE iN NOw… plEDge yOURselF… anD tHE pOWer yOU stOLE… to mOT foREveR… aND I wilL lET yOU liVE.”

Samantha tried to raise herself up again, but a bloody coughing fit stopped her. She sank back to her knees still gripping her staff. She looked up at the monster. “No… No I’ll never give in to you. I know what you are… and I know what you’ve done… and there’s nothing in the world that would ever make me side with the likes of you…”

The monster seemed to take in a deep unending breath then, and gave it’s response.

“tHEn…. dIE….!”

A hideous gaping worm like mouth lined with teeth erupted from beneath Samantha, engulfing her. Only the glowing armor of the skygods reforming around her kept her from being instantly shredded. She tried desperately to pull herself out of it with her last strength, and for a moment even managed to lodge the staff in it just right to give her something to hang on to. But a moment later the staff slipped, and the mouth closed around her, dragging her down into the darkness of Mot.


"I... I remember. The memories... I remember the why, why we gave up our lives. We knew the people would forget about us eventually... but we knew that our actions would save them all. On that day, when we set sail on the boat that Marathon and Daedalus built… to bring the idol that contained the piece of the monster to the edge of the world and cast it into the abyss... Sister Solaris gave me a medallion to remember her by, but I lost it at sea. She had warned me that without a physical reminder of my why that Mot would twist me and I would eventually grow to hate the very people I sought to save... she was right. Oh gods, she was right!  What have I become?"
   -Marcus Valerius, Captain of the Guard, Cimerora

It was a small cross, like one someone might carry with them. For the longest of moments she just cradled it in her hand looking at it, something tugging at the back of her mind, and then suddenly she realized it. This wasn’t just a cross. This was the cross that she had gotten from Darwin when she had gone to visit him in Wiksik and let him know what she was planning. What she… Samantha Kade was planning… planning to do on the mountaintop… with the portals… to deal with Mot!

As she stared at the small keepsake, it all came rushing back to her. Who she was, what she had come here to do and why, everything she had experienced up until this point and all the people she had met and come to care for during her journeys. And how terrifyingly close she had come to falling into the darkness forever.

It had been a close thing. She didn’t know how long she had been down here, in this place that she now recognized must be part of the inside of Mot itself, but it had been long enough for the monster to work on her. To nearly erase her memories of her friends, of her mission, of anything good in her life at all, even of her own identity! She had been this close to giving in and sinking back down into the muck to die, but at the last moment she had found that cross… that gift from Darwin… and everything had come rushing back.

Samantha looked around again, her memories returned and with them the power of the sacred armor. It manifested around her once more, protecting her from the burning acidic sludge that festered inside Mot. “That’s where I am now…” she thought. “I’m inside Mot. The damn thing actually tried to eat me…”  She searched around by the soft glow of the armor and within a few minutes was able to collect her pack, her staff, and most of her supplies. She used the last of her healing herbs to heal most of the damage the sludge had done to her, downed a few bottles of fungi juice for energy, hefted her staff, and looked for a weak point.

“Well... let’s see how you like being attacked from the inside. If you eat something, you better make sure it’s dead first you monster…” She picked a spot on the disgusting fleshy wall, took a long deep breath, and struck it with the staff with all her might. The staff struck true and the flesh tore easily, leaving a big fleshy wound whose edges pulled away from the edge of the weapon. She reared back and hit it again. And then again. And then again. Over and over she slammed the heavy dalpoki staff into the wall until finally one of her strikes burst through the edge of it. She pried open the hole and pulled herself through it. On the other side was more of the same, another big fleshy looking chamber with disgusting slime all over.

Samantha cracked her knuckles and hefted the staff again. She wasn’t about to die down here, and if she had to bash her way out of this thing she didn’t care how many disgusting fleshy walls she had to rip through. One way or another, she was going to find a way out of here, finish her fight with Mot, and go home.


"We cannot do it. We know how to do it, but we cannot physically end Mot. We do not have the ability to summon the magic of the ancestors into our world. Such a feat would take more organization, magic, and technology than we have available. The end of my sanity, indeed, of the sanity of all of us who fought against Mot, is coming. I can only hope that my future ancestors will find my journal and finish what I have started. I did all of this for you... I suppose it's only fitting that you all finish it. . I know in the end, that I will go mad, that I will be seen as a lunatic. I have no family to carry on my legacy... this binding, this quest, is my legacy. Please, if you're reading this, my only request is that you finish what I have started!"
-   David Hazen, Paranormal Occult Adventurer

She had reached a particularly stubborn wall. This one had some kind of disgusting bone-like substance laced through it that had been very resistant to her staff strikes. Luckily she had more than one way of dealing with problems, and a few dozen rifle rounds had proven very effective at softening it up. She gave it a mighty kick and it collapsed completely. Once again she pulled herself through the hole she had made and looked around.

“Hello… now this looks like something important…”

This chamber looked different than the others. Larger, hotter, and in the center hung some kind of pulsing crystal… heart?  It certainly seemed to be pulsing and glowing red with a heartbeat rhythm. She approached it cautiously. It was definitely beating like a heart and giving off energy too. Whatever this thing was, it was important. And if it was important to Mot, she was going to smash it. She took up her staff again and edged cautiously around it, looking for weakpoints.

A sudden flash of light behind her caused her to whirl around, and she was greeted with the sight of an entire wall of monsters.

“eNOUgh oF tHIS…! iF yOU wILL noT GIVe iN tO DEAth wILLINgly… I wiLL FORce dEATH uPOn yOU!”

The voice of the monster echoed around the chamber and chilled Samantha to the bone, but she wasn’t going to just stop because this thing told her too. There was no way she could fight off that many monsters, but she might still be able to get a hit or two in on this things heart…

She froze suddenly in a flash of realization. “This thing’s heart…” The binding spell she had tried to use before worked by creating a magical cage and then attuning it to a target. To attune it to a target, you had to get right up close to it because it had to attune to the essence of the thing… it’s heart. She had thought she was close enough when she had charged out to face the monster… thought that getting right up close to its head or mouth or whatever it was that stuck out of the ground would be enough. But since she had woken up inside this thing, she had stomped and rampaged around inside it for hours. There was no telling how deep she was inside by now… But now here was it’s heart. It’s –actual- heart.

“I wasn’t close enough…” she thought to herself. “I thought the head would do but it was the heart I needed. And there was no way to get to it until…”  She turned back to the pulsating glowing thing in the center of the chamber, dropped her staff and her pack… and began to re-inscribe the rune.

“tHIS CaNNot… I wILL NOT… leT yoU dO THIS…!”

The wall of monsters rushed at her, the blistering heat of the creatures hatred hit her again but as she focused her shaky hands on inscribing the intricate patterns the run began to glow and that glow held the monsters at bay. “Yeah… you know don’t you… you know I have you now… you’re going to pay for all the suffering and death you’ve caused you damn monster…”

“fOOL…! yOU WiLL bE trapped Here aS wELL! I WiLL mAKE yOu SUffER fOR aLL eTERniTY!”

That almost stopped her. The idea of being trapped her forever… of never getting out of this stinking disgusting pit and being trapped as this things sole plaything forever and ever was a fate worse than death. But it didn’t stop her. If she didn’t do this now, this thing… this monster… would just keep growing and getting stronger. It would never stop, not until it had consumed everything and everyone, including her father and all her friends from the island.

She roared back at it as she continued to work. “I made the mistake of breaking that binding… of letting that little part of you free…” Her hands moved like the wind. The symbol of Wiksik, of peace and prosperity and of the jungles of the island… “I was stupid and selfish and greedy… things you just love… and I just had to grab that idol…” The symbol of Dalpok, of fire and freedom… “It was my mistake… my fault… my burden to bear…” The symbol of Raktam, of truth and wisdom and kindness… “And if this is what it takes to stop you…” The Symbol of Rakmogak, of passion and ambition and strength… “Then that’s what I’m going to do… It’s over for you!” The symbol of the mountain, of Shargles and Skygods… the last piece of the binding rune.

Energy exploded outward from it, knocking her back, beams of blinding light blasting outward… Samantha rolled to her feet, trying to cover her eyes, trying to hold onto everything she had seen and done, all the people she had met, friends she had made, everything that made her her as the swirling energy engulfed her. And then, everything went black.


She awoke face down on the ground, slowly rolling over to lay on her back looking up. The sky was blue above her, with just a few wispy clouds here and there. The last thing she remembered was the explosion of light and then…. Nothing. “Am I dead?” she wondered. She certainly felt tired enough to be dead. She felt like she could sleep for a month straight without any problem at all. “If this is death… then maybe it’s not so bad after all…” She laid her head back and closed her eyes.

“SQWAAAAWK!” She opened them again immediately. Standing above her looking quite inconsiderate of any attempts to sleep was a very large, fat Shargle. “I don’t remember hearing about Shargles in Heaven…” Samantha thought to herself, and then grinned slightly. “Guess that means I’m still alive.”

“SQWAAWK! SQWAAWK SQWAWK!” The Shargle quickly got rid of her little grin by biting at her arm. She smacked it in the side of the head and rolled to her feet. “You have got to be kidding me… I guess some things never change…” She had had enough fighting, so elected to simply distance herself from the irate, oversized bird. She was back on the mountaintop in the center of Shartak for sure, and considering what she had just been through she had no problems at all with that.

She had won. She could feel it in her bones, in her heart. Like a great weight had been lifted. It was like stepping out of a cold shadow into the light. She was free. Her father was free. And she and her family and friends were safe. It was finally at long last over. She started to whistle softly as she walked along the mountain top. It would be time to return what she had borrowed now. And to let her friends know she was ok. And finally, to find someplace Shargle free to sleep for about a month straight.

It was good to be home.
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Very, very well done.

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That's awesome Kat! Good job!

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